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Essential Ethics

FEBRUARY 9, 2018

Latest Developments:

Oakland Public Ethics Commission met Monday (2/5/18).  The Lobbyist Registration Subcommittee of the Commission approved a revised Lobbyist Registration Guide for 2018, which is the first update in 10 years.  The guide is now available on the Commission’s website.  The updated guide includes changes to the city’s ordinance and definitively states that, “’Grassroots lobbying’ is not covered by the Act.”

Fair Political Practices Commission meets next Thursday (2/15/16).  Among the items slated for discussion:

  • Amendment of revolving door regulations based on passage last year of AB 1620 and AB 551.
  • Repeal of a mass mailing regulation that was placed into statute by SB 45
  • Compensation of the Commissioners (i.e. expanding beyond the current 2-day per month cap on per diem payments to commissioners).

The Commission also provides notice that it will take up the following regulations in the near future:

  • March 2018:
    • Regulation 18450.1 (Adoption) – Proposed regulatory amendments to Regulation 18450.1 to maintain or eliminate minimum thresholds for advertisements requiring disclosure statements under AB 249, and to specify yard sign dimension limitations if minimum thresholds are maintained.
    • Regulation 18401 (Adoption) – Proposed regulatory amendment to Regulation 18401 to clarify recordkeeping requirements for earmarked funds, including accounting method for Executive Staff Reports determining top contributors when earmarked funds have been contributed, and mass electronic mailings as necessitated by AB 249.
  • Scheduling to be Determined:
    • Prenotice discussion of possible amendments to conflict of interest rules including: (1) rules for small shareholders and related business entities and (2) bright line materiality standards and clarification of the 500-foot property rule.

South Dakota Campaign Disclosure (2/5/18):  The Governor signed HB 1003 revising certain provisions concerning the content of the campaign finance disclosure reports.  It is effective immediately.

Tallahassee, Florida Gift Prohibition (1/31/18): The City Commission passed an Amendment to its Ethics Ordinance that, among other things, prohibits the solicitation of gifts from city contractors, lobbyists, or lobbyist employers to public officials and prohibits acceptance of those types of gifts if they exceed $100 in value.  The ordinance is effective immediately.

In case you missed it:

Lobbyist Sexual Harassment in California:  On February 6, 2018, Assembly Member Levine introduced AB 2055 to prohibit lobbyists from engaging in sexual harassment and authorize the Fair Political Practices Commission to ban a lobbyist from lobbying for up to 4 years for doing so.

Oklahoma Ethics Commission submitted its statutory changes for 2018 on February 6, 2018 to the state legislature.  The Oklahoma Ethics Commission has an unusual state constitutional power to promulgate rules that become statutes unless the state legislature vetoes those rules before it adjourns on May 25, 2018.  The proposed changes affect campaign reporting, revolving door provisions, and compliance provisions.

Citizens United, revisitedU.S. News & World Reports tells us that a Washington D.C.-based group, Equal Citizens, hopes to use a matter arising in Alaska to overturn Citizens United.

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