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Essential Ethics

January 22, 2024

Latest Developments: 

  • The Texas Ethics Commission adjusted various thresholds, including those for lobby registration, effective January 1, 2024. The new thresholds require that a person must register if the lobbyist receives compensation of more than $1,870 (up from $1,760) or if the lobbyist spends more than $940 in a calendar quarter (up from $880).
  • The South Carolina Ethics Commission adjusted the gift limits for receptions paid by lobbyist employers, effective January 1, 2024. The limits are now $70 per day and $560 per calendar year per public official or employee (up from $60 and $480, respectively).
  • The Federal Election Commission adjusted its civil penalty amounts for inflation for 2024. The new penalties, based on an adjustment of 3.241%, range from a low of $7,256 to a high of $84,853.
  • The Wichita, Kansas, City Council approved an Ordinance to ban corporate and LLC contributions. The measure took effect immediately. KSN.com explains that the ordinance not only bans contributions from corporations and LLCs but imposes criminal penalties for violation of that ban.

In Case You Missed It: 

  • Post January 6 Corporate Contributions Analyzed: The New York Times relays its findings after it looked at contributions from businesses and trade groups that pledged to review their giving following the attack on the Capitol in 2021.
  • New York City Mayor’s Legal Defense Fund: The New York Times explains the effect of a 2019 city ordinance that authorizes, but limits, contributions to a legal defense fund. The article discusses the effect on the current Mayor’s fundraising in connection with an investigation into his campaign finance practices.
  • FEC Rules on Candidate’s Appearance in Episodic TV: The Federal Election Commission issued Advisory Opinion 2023-10 regarding a U.S. Senate candidate who regularly appears as an actor in The Good Doctor. The Commission determined that the production and distribution of the show is exempt from FEC regulation under the media exception.
  • Missouri Revolving Door Challenge: Courthouse News Service reports that the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments regarding a challenge to a 2018 voter-approved revolving door restriction that prohibits legislators from registering as lobbyists for two years after serving.
  • New Orleans Procurement ReformFox8 announced that following an Inspector General report about alleged bid-rigging, the vice president of the city council is seeking reforms.