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Essential Ethics

September 7, 2023

Latest Developments:

  • The Governor of California signed SB 678, which requires “a person who is paid by a committee to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure on an internet website, web application, or digital application… to include a disclaimer… stating that they were paid by the committee…” The measure authorizes the Fair Political Practices Commission “to seek injunctive relief to compel disclosure” if a person fails to include the required disclosure. The law will take effect January 1, 2024.
  • The Maine Ethics Commission has a number of updated resources, including a new 2023-2034 Political Action Committee Campaign Finance Guidebook.
  • The Alaska Public Office Commission issued a notice that it is imposing a maximum $10,550 fine against a committee for failure to register and file timely independent expenditure reportsAlaska Public Media explains what happened to the committee linked to a former U.S. Senate candidate.

In Case You Missed It:

  • More Corruption Charges in SF: The San Francisco Standard reports on more charges filed against former officials and employees for funneling public money into private contracts.
  • Mayor’s Campaign Fundraiser Hosts May Face Charges: The New York Times reports that the hosts of campaign fundraisers in 2021 are under scrutiny by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.
  • Corruption Sentence: The Los Angeles Times reports that a former Los Angeles City Council Member, county supervisor, and state legislator was sentenced to 42 months in Federal prison, having been found guilty of bribery and fraud charges earlier this year.
  • Former Illinois Speaker’s Chief of Staff Convicted:  NBC Chicago reports that the former chief of staff to the former House Speaker was found guilty on corruption charges.
  • Following the Corruption Investigation in Anaheim:  In the wake of recent investigations, The Voice of OC asks, “Is Anaheim a cue for more cities to start registering lobbyists?”
  • Record Spending in New York State: The Albany Times-Union reveals record spending on lobbying in the state.