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COVID-19 Pandemic: California Government Law Resources

What can and can’t my organization do in California?  How is the legislature treating issues like workers’ comp and privacy?  The California Legislature is back in session and working on several issues relevant to the pandemic and significantly changing budget climate.  To keep the public informed of all COVID-19 developments, the state has created a webpage, to provide up-to-date information and resources that contains links to all relevant state departments and local government websites.    Nielsen Merksamer attorneys, advocates and researchers closely monitor all Executive Orders, legislative developments and local orders and actions, including: California’s Pandemic Resilience Roadmap, expanded testing guidance, the Governor’s #CaliforniansforAll initiative, the Governor’s Taskforce on Business and Jobs Recovery, criteria for modifications to stay at home orders, federal government collaboration and more….Contact Missy Johnson, Michelle Rubalcava or John Moffatt with inquiries.