Legislative Advocacy and Strategic Advice

Nielsen Merksamer is one of the top lobbying shops in Sacramento. Many of our senior attorneys have held top positions in California state and local government, serving under elected officeholders of both major political parties. Others have served in important elected or appointed positions. As a result we have a thorough understanding of the governmental process at every level, and are able to anticipate and resolve issues arising in the Legislature and administrative and regulatory bodies. We also provide legal and strategic advice to corporations, trade associations, state contract bidders, government entities, permit applicants, developers, public relations consultants and other law firms on a wide range of government matters, frequently working with other lawyers and lobbyists as part of a comprehensive team effort to help clients in their dealings with the state’s legislative and executive branches. In addition to lobbying extensively on the subject matters described in the various practice areas on this site, we also lobby on matters pertaining to banking and financial services; education law; entertainment; the environment; PEO/workforce; privacy issues; state and local government fiscal policy; technology; transportation; utilities; and water policy.