Steven S. Lucas

Office: San Francisco Bay Area
2350 Kerner Boulevard
Suite 250
San Rafael, CA 94901

Steven Lucas is a partner practicing political law, including campaign, election, lobby and ethics laws in various federal, state and local jurisdictions. He is also a member of the firm’s management committee.

Mr. Lucas specializes in state and local ballot measures, non-profit law, and maintains a 50 state national compliance practice in the area of campaign and lobby law to advise clients with multistate needs. As a lecturer in law at Stanford Law School, he has taught “Law and Politics” and “Election Law” for second and third year law students. He also has experience working for federal and state public officials and political campaigns.

For ten years, Mr. Lucas served on the Board of Directors of Stillwater Mining Company (NYSE:SWC), a company that mined platinum and palladium in Montana and developed gold, PGM and copper mines in Canada and Argentina. He served as the Chairman of the Compensation Committee as well as a member of the company’s Audit Committee.

Mr. Lucas previously served at the appointment of the Governor of California as Chairman of the Bipartisan Commission on the Political Reform Act. He is a past president of the California Political Attorneys Association. He has also served on the California Secretary of State’s Task Force on Online Disclosure as well as the FPPC Chairman’s Advisory Task Force.

Before joining the firm and following his clerkship with Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas (no relation) of the California Supreme Court, he practiced corporate litigation in the Los Angeles office of Sullivan & Cromwell. During that time he served as Counsel to the Webster Commission, appointed by the Los Angeles Police Commission to investigate the LAPD’s preparedness for and response to the Los Angeles riots.

  • Mr. Lucas has served as Counsel and Treasurer to over 75 statewide and local ballot measure committees in California, including most recently statewide measures to protect app-based drivers (Proposition 22), to oppose the trial lawyers’ attempt to undermine the MICRA protections, and to support stem cell research (Proposition 14), as well as the successful efforts to defeat California’s Proposition 46 (MICRA) and Support California's Proposition 11 (emergency services).
  • He serves as Counsel and Treasurer to multiple federal, state and local political action committees.
  • Mr. Lucas also advises and serves as Treasurer to numerous SuperPACs and independent expenditure committees.
  • He counsels and provides compliance services to numerous Fortune 500 companies that are active in multiple jurisdictions across the United States.
  • Mr. Lucas also represents numerous wealthy donors who are politically active at the federal, state and local levels throughout the United States.
  • As a lecturer in law at Stanford Law School, Mr. Lucas has taught “Law and Politics” and “Election Law” for second and third year law students.
  • He has also served on the faculty of, and as an author for, the Practising Law Institute’s “Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop,” as well as presented various PLI webinars, addressing national campaign and lobby compliance and pay-to-play issues.
  • Mr. Lucas is the author of "Designing a Political Law Compliance System for Broker-Dealers and Advisors" which appears in PLI's treatise "Broker-Dealer Regulation."
  • Mr. Lucas has published numerous opinion-editorial columns relating to constitutional and other legal issues in the Los Angeles Times as well as other California newspapers.