Government Contracts

Nielsen Merksamer has extensive experience advising clients through all aspects of the government contracting process, including ensuring eligibility to contract, developing strategy for communications with government officials and employees regarding contracting opportunities, reviewing and negotiating proposals and contract terms, preparing and filing ongoing certifications, and initiating and defending bid protests.

As our clients navigate the government contracting process, our firm provides focused advice on relevant political laws including federal, state, and local government procurement laws, lobby, gift, and campaign finance laws, as well as post-employment and conflict of interest laws. Our firm also provides guidance pertaining to federal, state, and local pay-to-play laws, including SEC Rule 206(4)-5 and MSRB Rule G-37, which impact the political activity of current and prospective government contractors. Our firm has developed comprehensive compliance processes and policies to assist companies in compliance with these complex laws, regulations, and agency-specific restrictions.