Cate Castonguay

Office: San Francisco Bay Area
2350 Kerner Boulevard
Suite 250
San Rafael, CA 94901

Cate Castonguay is the Director of the firm’s Political Reporting Unit. She supervises two managers, four national compliance coordinators, and a unit of Political Reports Specialists who are responsible for preparing complicated federal, state and local campaign and lobby disclosure reports for clients nationwide. The Unit also handles the bookkeeping, payrolls and taxes for large statewide and local ballot measures, multi-state and federal PACs and non-profit organizations.

Ms. Castonguay joined Nielsen Merksamer after an extensive academic, corporate and political career, including, Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Government Relations and Public Affairs Headquarters, staffer to a California State Senator and U.S. Congressman and policy consultant to LA Mayor Riordan’s Commission on Children, Youth & Families. Ms. Castonguay also developed and supervised field operations and fundraising for several federal and state election campaigns.

Ms. Castonguay is a founding member of the California Political Treasurers Association and has served on the California Secretary of State’s Task Force on Online Disclosure.