Political Reporting Services

The firm provides a full scope of political reporting services, including PAC Administration & Advice and assisting with the disclosure obligations of corporations, individuals, nonprofits, associations and others when making political contributions, expenditures and donations, lobbying and contracting with the government.

Integral to Nielsen Merksamer’s political law practices is the firm’s innovative Political Reporting Unit. The firm has a knowledgeable, experienced staff of non-attorney “Political Reports Specialists” who, under the supervision of experienced managers and the firm’s attorneys, prepare and file the various federal, state, and local campaign, lobby and gift reports, certifications and tax filings, required by law.

Our large team of legal professionals allows the firm to manage a high volume of information, file complex and varied disclosures on behalf of clients, and deliver resources to clients with a balance of efficiency and expertise. Our firm includes more than a dozen legal professionals—in addition to our attorneys—who are focused exclusively on managing and administering centrally-coordinated, comprehensive compliance programs for clients active in multiple jurisdictions. The political reporting services paradigm the firm pioneered over forty years ago has become the industry standard.