ExperienceData Privacy

  • Nielsen Merksamer attorneys have vast experience working alongside California state regulatory agencies and are well-versed in administrative law.  We have provided countless clients with counsel on crafting effective draft regulations, were closely involved in reviewing and commenting on the California Attorney General’s regulations, and will be closely involved in reviewing and commenting on the California Privacy Protection Agency’s proposed regulations.
  • Our privacy attorneys are routinely invited to brief practitioners and industry groups about California data privacy laws and regulations. Our briefings include comprehensive overviews of privacy laws and regulations, as well as practical advice to protect against enforcement.
  • Our privacy attorneys work closely with clients on compiling data inventories, reviewing or drafting privacy and global data security policies to comply with the new and existing California privacy rules, and training clients on the provisions of California’s novel privacy regime.
  • Our team has developed a specialty in advising numerous PAC and ballot measure clients on the impact of the new privacy rules on their activities, especially with regard to these groups’ collection, use, and sharing of data on campaign supporters and potential voters.
  • Our attorneys were closely involved in the monitoring, lobbying, and drafting of the California Privacy Rights Act as it made its way through the California Legislature, including an attorney who was instrumental in advising on the drafting of the CCPA during her time as Chief Consultant for the California Assembly’s Privacy & Consumer Protection Committee.